Peter Belanyi

Peter Belanyi is my name, and programming is my game


Welcome to my homepage, my name is Peter Belanyi.
At this page you can find some info about me, links to my favourite sites and my projects:

BPXML: an XML parser library for C++
BrighterLight: a raytracer in C++
Multilingual dictionary: well... a multilingual dictionary
Pontifex Maximus: a bridge building game, currently under development
Rayzor: a path tracer in C++
War of Kings: a strategy game


January 5, 2009: added Rayzor
October 23, 2008: added Pontifex Maximus
July 18, 2008: added Multilingual dictionary
July 6, 2008: restructured some parts of the site
April 20, 2008: new version of BrighterLight released
November 18, 2007: first version of BrighterLight released
2007: site started, added War of Kings, BPXML and BrighterLight